Butt Implants is a surgically placed artificial devices in the buttocks to increase volume in the buttocks area.

This procedure is also known as gluteal or buttock augmentation. It has become increasingly popular in recent times. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, buttock augmentation has seen a 252 per cent increase in popularity between 2000 and 2015.

Butt lifts, implants, and fat grafting are the most common types of buttock surgery.

Butt implants are not without risks, despite their popularity. With a board-certified surgeon, discuss the potential side effects and costs and expected recovery times and costs.

Reasons for Getting Butt Implants

In recent years, round, firm buttocks have been a popular shape. While exercise and losing weight can help tone the muscles and improve the appearance of this area, butt implants are a quicker way to achieve a more defined shape.

People who are stable in their weight and have no excess skin will usually be able to get butt implants or other buttock augmentations. Based on the following factors, a plastic surgeon will recommend butt augmentation:

  • Your butt size and shape
  • You may have other options depending on how much fat you have
  • Your desired outcome and activity level
  • Skin quality, including elasticity

Most people seek butt implants procedures due to things like:

  • Sensing their rear end is too small to fit into their frame
  • Unflattering or squarer butts may be more desirable
  • After losing weight or ageing, a saggy back can result.
  • You want your clothes to fit better
  • They are looking to improve their self-esteem

Butt implants procedures

The primary purpose of butt implants is to improve the shape and appearance of the buttocks. There are many ways to accomplish this goal. Fat grafting is the most common type of procedure. Buttock implants are another option.

Fat transfer

In 2015, butt augmentation using fat grafting was the most common cosmetic procedure for the buttocks. It is also known as the Brazilian butt lift.

Your surgeon will suture fat from another part of your body, usually your abdomen, flanks, or thighs, and inject it into your buttocks to increase volume. This procedure is often combined with silicone implants to achieve the best natural appearance.

Lifting Sculptra butt

Another procedure involves injecting a filler called Sculptra into the soft tissues of the buttocks. Again, the process can be done in a doctor’s office and requires almost no downtime.

It adds volume to the area at injection. Then, over time, the body will use it to make additional collagen, increasing its volume.

You will need to take the medication for several sessions to notice a difference.

Injections of silicone and hydrogel buttocks

Hydrogel buttock shots are a less expensive method of augmentation. In addition, this temporary procedure isn’t as painful and provides results that last longer than traditional surgery. But unfortunately, it can also be dangerous.

Silicone injections are not like hydrogel injections and don’t require surgery. They also don’t change the shape or size of your buttocks.

Although there is some discussion about silicone injections replacing butt implants, it is not recommended. Silicone injections to the buttocks are quite dangerous.

Butt Implants are made of silicone.

Butt implants are made from silicone. Solid silicone implants can be surgically placed in the buttocks using an incision between the cheeks.

For best results, this procedure can be combined with fat grafting. Recovery from buttock surgery can take up to four weeks.

Implants are known to increase volume. Injections and fat-grafting cannot do by themselves. Silicone implants are safe and effective (Trusted source) for buttock augmentation.

Implants are better for those with less fat because they don’t have to inject as much for a Brazilian butt-lift.


Liposuction can also be used for fat grafting or implants. This procedure removes fat from certain areas of the buttocks to create contours.

If you are overweight due to weight loss or ageing, liposuction may be possible with butt implants.

Are butt implants safe?

Based on ratings, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported a 95.6% satisfaction rate for this type of surgery. Butt implant surgery is not without risks despite its high success rate. The following are some of the most common side effects:

  • Excessive bleeding after surgery
  • Pain
  • Scarring
  • Skin discolouration
  • Infection
  • Fluid or blood accumulation under the buttocks
  • Allergy reactions
  • Skin loss
  • Anaesthesia can cause nausea and vomiting.

The silicone implants can also slip or move. As a result, it can cause a disfigured appearance of the buttocks, which will require surgery.

Fat grafting may also cause asymmetry in the body due to fat absorption. These effects can be corrected, but follow-up surgery is more expensive and takes longer.

The FDA offers injections that are not approved (trusted Sources) for body contouring or augmentation. These include silicone and hydrogel injections.

According to the agency, injections for these procedures can cause serious complications such as infection, scarring, disfigurement, stroke, and even death.

FDA considers any injections to the buttocks (including Sculptra) off-label.

Who would be a good candidate for a butt implant?

Although buttock implants are becoming more popular, this does not mean that they are right for everyone. If you are:

  • Recently lost weight, and also have lost some of your natural shapes in your buttocks
  • Feel like your natural shape is too squarish or flat?
  • To balance the rest of your body, think about how your buttocks could benefit from more curves
  • You want to combat the natural signs of ageing, such as flatness and sagginess.
  • don’t smoke tobacco
  • Lives a healthy life

Talk to a cosmetic surgeon to determine if this is the right procedure for you.

Butt implants cost

Implants of the butt are cosmetic or aesthetic procedures. These procedures are not covered by insurance and are not considered medically necessary.

Many providers offer payment plans to their clients. The procedure can be funded directly by your provider or with a low-interest loan.

It is important to be aware of all costs upfront. Apart from the surgeon’s fees, you will also have to pay any anaesthesia or room fees separately.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons 2016 statistics, the average fee for butt-implant surgeons was $4,860. The national average cost of augmentation with grafting was $4,356.

You may also find that surgeon fees vary depending on where you live. Therefore, it is worth comparing costs with multiple board-certified providers before you decide.


Because of their safety and efficacy, butt implants have become increasingly popular. However, you should consider the cost of this type of surgery and recovery and your overall health.

To ensure you fully understand the process, consult with your provider. It would help if you weren’t afraid of shopping around until you find the right surgeon. Just make sure that they are experienced and board-certified.

Injecting illegally with silicone or other materials is unsafe and could cause serious complications. In addition, they are not an option to butt implants.


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