Estrogen blockers are medicines or supplements that inhibit the production or actions of estrogen. This hormone plays a vital role in the growth and retention of sexual characteristics of females. For men, estrogen can be produced in low quantities by the testes, adrenal glands and fat cells.

The endocrinology system is responsible for creating and secreting many hormones inside our bodies.

There are a variety of hormones that are produced through this particular system. Each hormone plays a distinct function in regulating specific aspects of the body.

In males, one hormone that gets a lot of attention is testosterone. This testosterone found in males is called the sex hormone, also known as testosterone.

Many functions of the male body are dependent upon the hormone. While testosterone plays an essential role in men’s lives, other hormones are also of interest.

This article takes a deeper look at what could happen when there is a hormonal balance in the body of a male.

We will also examine how high estrogen levels could cause issues for males. We will also consider methods men could use to lower estrogen levels in their bodies.

Estrogen in Men

Estrogen is usually considered a female hormone because the ovaries are the source of this hormone. However, males also possess estrogen within their bodies. The testes found, the male body produce around 20% of testosterone. The rest comprises body fat, skin, brain and bones. 8

The male body’s estrogen has a variety of effects. In addition, it helps:

  • Bones maintenance and growth
  • Coordination between head and eye movements to help support the vision
  • The kind and the whereabouts of fat in your body and the metabolism 9
  • Sexual functioning and its relationship to the libido (sexual drive), erectile functioning and the production of sperm 10

What are estrogen blockers?

Estrogen blockers, when they are effective, can decrease levels of estrogen present in the body. They can either stop estrogen production entirely or limit its impact to help balance hormone levels within the body. There are natural and pharmaceutical estrogen blockers, as well as estrogen blockers.

But it’s important to remember that natural remedies typically are not tested, have data regarding their efficacy, or are even not tested in a controlled situation. If you’re seeking estrogen blockers, you should talk with your physician to get their suggestions on which treatment may be the most effective.

Natural Estrogen Blockers For Men

If a person shows high estrogen, it could be time to consider using an estrogen-blocking drug. These drugs work in various ways to decrease the amount of estrogen in men’s bodies.

In many instances, they inhibit the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. This may target two issues simultaneously. It may reduce estrogen levels while simultaneously increasing the amount of testosterone within the body.

If a man chooses to take the estrogen blocker, he should investigate the various options available. There are natural and prescription estrogen blockers on the market.

It is crucial to think about all alternatives. In this article, we concentrate on natural estrogen blockers men may take into consideration.

We look at the top researched and tested products that may aid in reducing the levels of estrogen in the male body.

  • Cyperus Extract (Tiger Nut) – A potent estrogen-lowering extract that can also be used to treat impotence and fight bacteria that cause it.
  • Diindolylmethane dim– Diindolylmethane (DIM) is a naturally occurring chemical found in various veggies, including broccoli, kale, and cauliflower. It can significantly affect estrogen metabolism and has been found to assist in maintaining the balance of hormones.
  • Calcium D-Gluconate -Calcium-D-Gluconate lets the body expel hormones used in the body, like estrogen, before they can be absorbed.
  • Astragalus-A apoptogenic herb that assists your body in adapting to stress and regulating cortisol levels. It may aid in reducing elevated levels of estrogen.

Pharmaceutical Estrogen Blockers

There are some concerns regarding considering the use of the use of pharmaceutical estrogen blockers. Some of these medications may produce adverse side effects that could be uncomfortable for patients.

estrogen blocker for men

Furthermore, specific issues may cause concern to patients of males who choose to take a medication to stop estrogen conversion.

Experts developed certain pharmaceuticals to utilize for estrogen blocking. The exact choice that may benefit a patient is contingent on various elements.

There are instances where therapy with testosterone ( hormonal treatment) may be used. However, it is not without the possibility of adverse unwanted side effects.

Currently, clomiphene is an of the most popular estrogen blockers in pharmaceuticals. The drug is typically available under the name Clomid.

The physician usually prescribes certain off-label medications to decrease estrogen levels within the human body. These medications are known as SERMs, which stand for selective estrogen receptor moderators. They can be understood as SERMs.

The main goal of SERMs is to aid in treating breast tumors. The research supports these medicines in men with higher levels of estrogen, but.

Side Effects

Some possible adverse effects may result from the use of hormonal blockers. This is the reason why men have to be aware of their choices. One must be fully aware of what one can expect when taking an estrogen blocker medication.

We look at the side effects men may be experiencing when they take Clomid in the following paragraphs:

Men should consult a physician for chest discomfort or shortness of breath. A severe adverse reaction may include a seizure or stroke. Patients with a previous history of these disorders must be wary of taking this medication for estrogen blocking.

Lifestyle Changes To Restore Hormonal Balance

It can be beneficial to use an estrogen blocker to lower quantities of estrogen within the male body. Certain men may discover that the risk is just too risky. They may decide to search for other options.

When a person shows symptoms of estrogen deficiency, it may be a good idea to think about taking an estrogen-blocking drug. , possibly. The man must begin by examining their way of life. This will help them identify the factors that cause high estrogen levels within their bodies. This also allows the man to determine what actions may help them.

Here are some suggestions that men may be thinking about:

  • Losing weight may be among the most significant lifestyle changes you can make. One of the great factor of Obesity is low testosterone. The hormone is more prevalent in men who are overweight. The loss of body fat can be an excellent way to reduce the amount of estrogen. This method provides an improved balance of hormones.
  • Refraining from specific environmentally-derived estrogens may be an extremely effective method. Males are exposing many estrogens in the environment daily.
  • People often do not even know they have been exposed to estrogens. Parabens in toiletries such as shampoos are but one of the effects of environmental estrogens. If the consumption of these substances can reduce, it’s possible to see a decrease in estrogen levels within the body.
  • People who consume too much alcohol should limit their consumption of alcohol. Alcohol may affect kidney function. Alcohol can also affect the liver as a result its effect on the liver could cause issues with how estrogen levels are controlled within the body. It may increase the risk of excess estrogen inside the masculine body.
  • Consuming certain food items may also help improve estrogen control in the male body. Cruciferous vegetables may help in your management of estrogen. Some examples of such vegetables are Kale, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli. The zinc content in these food items may also aid in increasing testosterone levels.


Changes in hormonal levels may seem difficult initially, but when you begin to notice symptoms and effects of a hormonal imbalance, The first step is to consult your physician.

Estrogen blockers shouldn’t be used for everyone and should not be used under medical supervision to ensure that your estrogen levels don’t fall to a dangerously low level. Many medicines could assist if your doctor feels it’s an appropriate treatment. If you’re looking for natural and alternative options, the medical professional can recommend considering alternatives and lifestyle changes.


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