The gummy bear implants for the breast are just one of the options to enhance the breasts. The phrase “gummy bear” is an abbreviation for these teardrop-shaped implant implants made of gel. They’re known for retaining their shape more than other implants for breasts made of silicone and saline.

Implants made of silicone are made to keep their form better than conventional silicone implants, which gives them a state they believe is natural-looking. Also called Gummy bear implants, these implants have a form-stable gel that does not leak in the unlikely incident of the trauma of the implant. Because of their uniform shape and safety attributes, Gummy bear implants have been gaining popularity since the FDA accepted them in 2012.

You could be a suitable candidate for a breast augmentation procedure if you want to increase the quantity in your breasts without the slender shape and shape of the other implants. The process isn’t recommended by women nursing or pregnant. Silicone implants are accepted for people who are 22 or over.

What is the content of gummy bear breast implants?

A breast implant consists of an outer shell of silicone and filler material. Most breast implants are made up of silicone gel or saline solution.

The breast implants of gummy bears comprise two components: a silicone shell and silicone gel filling. The advantage over other silicone implants is that they keep their shape but allow breasts to be naturally soft to feel.

Contrary to traditional silicone breast implants, Gummy bear implants keep their shape even when their shells break. The reason is that the gel is much more durable.

Another kind of implant for breasts is saline-based. In contrast to the thick, gummy bears and conventional silicone implants, saline breast shells for implants contain salt or saline.

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Are gummy bears safe and secure?

After many years of testing, breast implants are considered secure. Your doctor will schedule regular checks to ensure your implants are in the correct position and aren’t rupturing.

Breast implants in the past posed the risk of rupture and complications. If the implant is damaged, the gel may leak and spread into the tissue.

Because of their strength, Gummy bear implants tend to be less likely to break and leak than other silicone gels and saline varieties. However, the danger is that if gummy bear implants leak, it’s more challenging to identify the leak than the saline implant. Screening is crucial to spot any issues. For silicone implants made of silicone, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)Trusted Source suggests surveillance MRIs 3 years after the implant was placed and then every two years.

Gummy bear Implants pros and Cons

Gummy Bear Breast Implants: Pros

Implants made of gummy bears offer numerous advantages over conventional counterparts, such as:

  • They keep their shape. In contrast to saline or standard silicone, ultra-cohesive gel holds its shape for a long time. Breast implants infused with the gel are similar to gummy bears; that’s why they’ve been dubbed.
  • They don’t leak. When the implant shell fails, as it is likely to do at some point – the ultra-cohesive gel, the filler with the highest strength, does not let go.
  • The less chance they have to cause capsular contracture. Capsular contracture, where a thick skin layer is formed over the implant, is an inherent potential risk of any procedure to increase your breast size. However, the evidence collected on the gummy bear breast implants thus far indicates it is less probable that the implants will cause capsular contracture than different breast implants.
  • These are more likely not to ripple or fold.

Gummy Bear Breast Implants: Cons

While Gummy bear implants for breasts have become increasingly popular since the FDA accepted them, Many women still opt for conventional silicone gel implants for many reasons. The cons with the gummy bear breast implants are:

  • They’re more expensive than standard silicone gel implants: While we do whatever we can to provide an affordable price on all our procedures implant options, gummy bears are more costly than silicone gel implants or standard implants, and saline-filled implants are the most affordable choice.
  • They do not move as natural breast tissue does: Because gummy bear implants keep their shape well, they will not change or move as biological breast tissue does. However, natural breast tissue can change when a woman is lying down, for instance, but gummy bear implants maintain the same shape as when a woman stands up.
  • They require a larger incision. It must be put through an incision slightly larger than the standard silicone gel implant, while saline-filled implants need a minor cut.
  • They’re only available in anatomical “teardrop” shapes: Contrary to standard silicone gel implants, Gummy bear implants can only be found in anatomical designs in that they extend more towards the bottom rather than the top. If there is a rare chance that an implant made of gummy bears can rotate, it will be fixed through additional surgery.
plastic surgeon holding up and checking silicone implant during surgery for breast reconstruction

The teardrop-shaped implant is round

The traditional saline and silicone implants typically have the shape of a round. It shouldn’t pose any issues if the implants are rotated, as most implants do.

The teardrop shape of Gummy Bear implants is a common one. They are also denser or thicker than the two other commonly used types of implants. It is a good option for those who want less volume on the top of your breast and a long, natural look to the lower part of yours. But, it’s more apparent if the implants move out of position because they don’t have the same size across both sides.

To avoid the rotating and shifting implants, the outer shells usually have a textured surface, which lets the surrounding tissue expand, similar to Velcro.

The textured, shaped implants are found to be less prone to the risk of a condition known as capsular contracture. It happens when the breast implant’s tissue becomes excessively dense or tight, leading to discomfort, asymmetry and a distasteful appearance. Capsular contracture is among breast augmentation’s most frequently encountered surgical complications. It is the most common reason for the need for re-operation.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost

Procedures for breast augmentation aren’t usually insured by health insurance. Instead, they’re paid out of pocket. As per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the nationwide average for breast enhancement procedures was $3,718 as of 2017.

Implants made of gummy bears are much more costly. One company provides an estimate of between $6,500 and $13,000 for your doctor’s office, the method they use, and the location of their office.

It’s essential to be aware that other costs are associated with the gummy bear breast implants that are not part of the surgery. It could include anesthesia and hospital charges, in addition to the clothes you’ll require to recover. It’s recommended to confirm all of the costs before when you need them.

It is also essential to take into account recovery time. It can take some weeks for you to recover fully from an operation.


Gummy bear implants may have impressive outcomes, but dangers are associated with every procedure. Every breast enhancement surgery carries the possibility of:

  • bleeding
  • Infection
  • Nipple sensations change
  • Pain
  • Implants are broken when they break.
  • scarring
  • nausea and vomiting due to anesthesia
  • the breast tissues are wrinkled

Other serious side effects have also been described, such as extreme back pain, nausea, and weight gain.

In 2011 in 2011, the FDA discovered the link between Trusted Source with breast implants and a kind of rare cancer called anaplastic large cell lymphoma. The precise reasons for the cancer aren’t fully understood; however, implants with textured surfaces could be connected with more cancer cases than smooth implants.

It’s also crucial to understand that the effects of implants in the breast aren’t always permanent. Apart from the possibility of implant rupture and causing damage to the surrounding tissue, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons states that breast implants aren’t designed to last for a lifetime. There’s a good chance that you’ll require surgical intervention to repair them soon. The average is implants removed or replaced after 10 years of trust from Trusted Source. The longer you’ve been wearing implants in your breasts and implants, the greater chance you’ll suffer adverse effects later on.

Healthy body weight is preferred before you undergo this procedure. Any significant change in your weight could alter what your breasts will look like.

The teardrop-shaped shape that gummy bears have is an option for those who do not want an implant that is round like others. But, they come with the risk of rotating at specific points. If it happens, the breasts may develop an unnatural form until your surgeon repairs your implants or substitutes them.


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