Magic mushrooms have been the subject of much more attention in recent years.

Research shows magic mushrooms are a great way to improve mental health and well-being. In addition, they can provide an escape from the mundane and often dull world of everyday life.

After decades of prohibition, led by the War On Drugs and a decade of ignorance, magic mushrooms are back in the public eye. Many people are eager to experience the benefits for themselves.

Bluntness believes information empowers people and allows them to make informed decisions. There are always risks. 

Psilocybin, the main psychedelic ingredient in magic mushrooms, is responsible for most of its effects. These states can affect perception and cause the sense of time to be distorted. Reality then becomes completely different. Psilocybin may cause hallucinations or intense introspective experiences. These can be categorized within the realms of spirituality and mysticism.

These states can lead to new insights and ideas. Moreover, these experiences can be powerful and healing experiences for many.

Shrooms can increase our sense of wonder and awe and help us be more thoughtful and compassionate. You can also have fun and transform your perception of reality and daily life with them.

But, mushrooms can also cause a “bad trip,” leading to paranoia, anxiety, and panic attacks.

Experiential mushroom eaters suggest following these simple

Guidelines to avoid falling.

  • Feel at ease. Psilocybin may significantly disrupt normal psychological processes, leaving us with hard truths about ourselves or the world we might prefer to ignore during our regular days. It would help if you only took magic mushrooms when you are in a calm emotional state and have been in it for at least two weeks. Getting enough sleep every night is essential, as fatigue can negatively impact your trip.
  • Feel safe. You should feel comfortable in your home, such as in your living room. Don’t take the mushrooms if uncomfortable with your surroundings or feel at risk.
  • Disconnect: Keep your phone off as long as possible to allow yourself to discover the beauty of the surrounding area. It would help if you did not have work-related, social, or chore-related responsibilities while on vacation. Once the effects start, you will not be able to handle your daily responsibilities the same way as usual. For example, a call from your boss during a trip can cause you to panic.
  • It cannot be overemphasized. A friend, foe, or relative’s presence can profoundly affect our mental state. Do not share mushrooms with people you aren’t comfortable with or trust.

You should hire a “trip sitter” if this is your first time trying shrooms or hallucinogens’.

Trip sitters are there to help you regain your grip on the world. However, when mushrooms influence you, you may have difficulty discerning natural objects from fake ones. In addition, you could be at risk of injury, so it is crucial to have someone you trust to watch over you.

A good trip sitter should keep their profile low unless they are engaged or require your help.

  • Let go. Suppose you are in a safe place and can set your earthly responsibilities aside for a few hours. In that case, it is time to surrender to the experience.

Don’t try to control or direct the actions of the shrooms. Be an active observer. Be aware that whatever happens at that moment is part and parcel of the experience. It can provide a positive insight, even though it may feel uncomfortable or unpleasant at the time.

You can trust that all you feel, see, and imagine exists in the shroom trip realm. It will not harm you in real life. This attitude will enable you to explore your mind without fear or prejudice.

Fasting is essential to realise the Magic Mushrooms’ full potential within your body. A full stomach will give you a stronger ‘high’ and faster onset. Mornings are best for mushroom trips because we wake up after 8 hours of sleep and naturally have to fast.

Try to eat light meals before you travel.

Let’s now, having an empty stomach, explore the most

Popular ways to eat shrooms.

  • Caveman’s Style: There is no secret to eating mushrooms. You have to put them in your mouth and then swallow them. You can chew the mushrooms up and down them whole if you are brave enough to do so.
  • Sweeten up: Shrooms are bitter and unpleasant to most people. Combining them with a sweet beverage is common to mask their bad taste.

Any juice or smoothie will work. You can also grind the mushrooms if they are dried and add them to your drink. You can cut the mushrooms into smaller pieces using a knife or grind them manually with a mortar & pestle.

Your stomach will be able to digest the mushrooms the more you grind them quickly. However, remember that mushrooms can be difficult on the stomach, so you might feel nausea, headaches, drowsiness, muscle weakness, and sometimes even vomiting after eating them.

  • Shroom tea: Some people recommend making a magic mushroom infusion to help reduce nausea and other stomach-related symptoms.

Shroom tea is a homemade psilocybin supplement that can be much easier to digest.

Make shroom tea by grinding the dried mushrooms to a fine powder and letting them rest in boiling water for around 15 minutes. Then strain the stems and caps of the mushrooms into a cup and enjoy the tea. Because the stomach doesn’t have to break down the mushrooms, the effect should be quicker. Also, the overall trip can be shorter and more intense because mushrooms don’t undergo a slow digestion process.

To enhance the flavour of shroom tea, you can add honey and herbs to the water. You can add your favourite teabag or mix shrooms with other natural herbs such as ginger, lavender, and chamomile.

  • A Lemony Surprise: Another way to avoid eating mushrooms is lemon trekking.

How long do mushrooms last?

Most shroom trips last between 3 to 6 hours trusted Source. Some people may feel the effects longer. You may feel residual effects from your journey that last up to the next day.

These are some of the factors that can influence the duration and severity of shrooms’ effects:

  • How much do you take?
  • The mushroom species
  • How to eat them
  • You can eat fresh or dried shrooms, but the dried ones are stronger.
  • Your age
  • your tolerance
  • Your expectations and your frame of mind
  • Preexisting mental illness
  • Any other substances that you may have taken

Most people feel like themselves again within 24 hours.

how long do shrooms last

Shroom effects

The psychedelic magic mushrooms can cause hallucinations or distortions of your perceptions. They can also alter thoughts and moods.

Effects such as the following can be caused by taking shrooms:

  • Euphoria
  • Alternate perceptions include auditory and visual hallucinations
  • Changes in mood or thoughts
  • Heart rate can be increased or decreased
  • Increasing body temperature
  • Quick breathing
  • nausea and vomiting
  • It is essential to sweat
  • Chills
  • Facial flushing
  • Dilation of the pupils
  • Tremors

These effects can last three to 6 hours. Trusted Source

Some products can last 24 hours. These effects could include:

Shrooms can also cause flashbacks from a previous trip. These flashbacks tend to last up to 2 minutes.

Micro Dosing Alternative Therapy. Cutting Magic Mushroom and Making Daily Doses

Although mushrooms do not appear to pose any physiological dependence risk, regular users may experience some symptoms—withdrawal symptoms After quitting the drug.

The only test that shows shrooms longer than a week after use is a hair follicle test. However, chances of this being the go-to are slim as they are costly. Signs That You are Addicted to How Long Shrooms Last in Your Body Just because shrooms are natural does not mean you are safe from addiction. You may not have a physical dependence, but it can be hard to stop taking drugs.

Bad shroom trip

Bad trips are often more challenging to overcome. Some factors can prolong the effects and make them more difficult to overcome.

Negative effects include:

Some poisonous mushrooms may look similar to hallucinogenic mushrooms and could cause severe or fatal side effects.

The bottom line

Although mushrooms are quickly eliminated from the body, many variables make it difficult to predict how long they will remain in your system.

Many resources can help you deal with your concerns about substance abuse. If you feel confident, you can discuss it with a healthcare professional. Remember that patient confidentiality laws prohibit them from disclosing this information to law enforcement.


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