What Exactly is an Upturned Nose?

An upturned nose is more well-known under the term “pixie nose” or short nose. Like all facial traits, the appearance of an upturned nose must not be a cause for concern as long as it does not affect the quality of life of a person. If you’re suffering from breathing problems or other issues which stem from your upturned nose, it’s essential to get it examined by a professional.

Many people consider an upturned nose unusual. If your nose’s shape gets too irritated then you may consider plastic surgery, as well as other options for reshaping your nose that are not surgical.

An upside-down nose is one that is inclined upwards. The angle could range from slightly rounded to an overly exaggerated angle which creates a shorter nose and the nostrils stand out.

From a medical point of view, an unbalanced nose shouldn’t be a reason to be concerned. If it’s not interfering with your breathing, there’s no need to be taken care of. If you’re concerned about how your nose is shaped There are options for nonsurgical and surgical procedures which can aid.

The nose is turned upwards, causing

Let’s look at what causes an unbalanced nose.


The facial features you have are formed by genetics. This is a long way back in your genetic lineage and was partly affected by the environment your ancestors were raised in.

The nose controls the humidity and temperature that we inhale when it flows through our air passages Its shape evolved according to the climate your ancestors of yours were exposed to.


A nose that is turned up could be the result of an abrupt trauma to the nose. In order to alter the appearance or appearance of the nose, the damage must be severe for instance, one with a fractured nose. A direct blow from the front is typically what causes a nose to expand in the upward direction, resulting in an upward-facing appearance.

The most common reasons for broken noses are:

  • falling down
  • when you run into the wall
  • Being struck by a blow to the face while participating in contact sports
  • motor vehicle collision
  • physical attack, for example, being kicked or punched in the nose
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Upturned nose after rhinoplasty

Michael Jackson is often the person that pops into the forefront when you imagine an asymmetrical nose due to plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that is used to alter the appearance of the nose.

If excessive cartilage is removed from the part of the nose that is not removed, and the septum area, this could reduce the length of the nose and make the tip turn upwards. This is a possibility when the nose has no projection prior to surgery, and when the cartilage in excess is removed during surgery.

There are people who undergo rhinoplasty in order to get a more rounded nose. Large-scale research released in the medical journal JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery found that the nose with a turn upwards was thought to be more attractive for females.

Genetic changes and defects in the birth process

Certain genetic mutations in rare genes can result in medical conditions that impact the physical development of the womb.

For people suffering from these kinds of diseases, the nose is typically one of the facial features that suffer. These diseases can also alter the way eyes, limbs, and the size of their body grow.

A lot of these disorders can also trigger microcephaly which is when the head’s size is smaller than the average. The condition may also lead to intellectual disabilities and developmental delays.

A few of the causes that could cause an upturned nose can be caused by:

  • Cornelia de Lange syndrome
  • Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome
  • Kaufman Oculocerebrofacial Disorder
  • Toriello-Carey syndrome

Surgical and Non-surgical Treatment Options

A nose with an upwardly pointing tip doesn’t generally cause any issues. However social norms, as well as other psychological aspects can influence the confidence of a person with an upside-down nose. If you’re not satisfied with how your nose looks, however, you are able to change its shape and angle. There are a few options you can take to change the appearance of your nose.

Highlighting other facial features

If you seem to have a nose that is short There are a variety of ways to reduce the appearance of your nose. It is best to keep the focus on your nose. It is possible to stop people from seeing the turned part on the tip of your nose using certain techniques:

  • Highlighting and Contouring. Illusion should be your main goal if you would like your nose to be less prominent. The correct techniques for contouring can make the shape of your nose to appear different. Make-up experts recommend applying dark contours to create a fake shadow effect, which minimizes the noticeable areas. Highlighters are essential in areas you wish to emphasize.
  • Other Make-up Tips. You can also keep your distance from a small nose by drawing attention towards your lips and eyes. With this method you can reduce the downward-sloping part the tip of your nose.
  • Changing your Hairstyle. Certain hairstyles can help highlight your nose. If you’re sporting heavy bangs and other styles that feature sharp angles, it’s better to think about different options. Soft layers that have a hint to waves, or even a little lift can smooth your look. They also aid in drawing away from to your eyes.

Injectable and non-surgical rhinoplasty as well as injectable fillers

With the latest in technology, you can undergo a rhinoplasty, without an operation that is invasive. A non-surgical procedure for removing the nose is injectable fillers that are made up of the chemical hyaluronic. This procedure is able to help you recreate the effects of plastic surgery. The fillers are a gel-like substance that gives fullness to the nasal structure, thereby helping to lengthen your nose’s short length.

Based on the shape of your nose The cosmetic surgeon can inject fillers into different parts of the nose focusing particularly on the top of your nose that is turned up. They then use their hands to alter the shape of the filler, which is like what they do when you undergo cosmetic surgery.

The injectable fillers may last for months or even years, based on the type of product. The surgeon can also utilize the absorbent or removable ones.

Rhinoplasty and plastic surgery

The most common cosmetic surgery procedure for the nose in America is Rhinoplasty.

Open and closed surgery can both be used to correct an upside-down nose. To support and lengthen the nose, both methods involve placing grafts at their tip and end. The cartilage is taken from the ears or ribs to make the grafts.

Rhinoplasty is done under general anesthesia and takes around two to three hours.

If you are looking for a more durable nose job, it may be best to look into plastic surgery. It’s an operation that completely restores the nose structure. In order to correct the upturned slant of the nose, the surgeon might perform grafting techniques. These grafts can be helpful in readjusting your nostrils to make it appear as if you have to have a shorter nose.

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