Cuddling is one joy of being in a loving relationship. But, of course, there are plenty of cuddling positions, depending on your preference.

Cuddling can not be defined; it is beyond just wrapping your arms around someone, holding the person tight. Cuddling can be term as love; that’s all it is own.

Some people love to snuggle and hold on to their partner whenever possible. Some people don’t care as much. Some men reserve cuddling in the bedroom for the occasion. It’s common to believe that men don’t cuddle naturally. However, it turns out that they want to snuggle up more often than women.

Cuddling includes hugging, cuddling, massage, kissing, and snuggling. Although there are many ways to cuddle, these cuddling positions can help you get the most out of your sessions, these includes:


Sit side-by-side, or lean against one another, and then hold hands.

Hands can be innocent or intimate. It is easy to let go and reach for something in your pockets or a glass of water. 

Hugging Cuddle

Place your arms side-by-side, and face each other, bringing your hips and outer thighs together. Then, hug.

Brown states that seated hugs are more comfortable than standing ones. They also cancel out height differences.

Honeymoon” Hug

Cuddling can be unstoppable when the relationship is in the phase of its honeymoon period. You and your partner will love each other so much that you can always cuddle. Even while you sleep, you want to entwine yourself. You and your partner will be in the “honeymoon hug,” where you face each other and entangle your limbs. It’s almost like you smell your partner’s morning breath. It doesn’t matter because you are wild for one another.

Sweetheart Credible” Cuddle

This is a common position to use when you need to nurture. While your partner is on your back, you rest your head on their chest. This comforting cuddling creates feelings of well-being and trust.

Lying on Back, with Head on Lap.

Sit crisscrossing on the floor or the couch. In this cuddle, your partner will lie down and place their head on the lap. Then, usually, caress their hair.

Tumbling says that a gentle touch to the hair can give you a sense of comfort. This can help increase your feeling of connection. In addition, she says that “this position can create an atmosphere of comfort, relaxation, and security.”

Sit Closely and Face Each Other.

Sit close to each other, facing each other. Try placing your hand on their legs or wrapping your arm around their shoulders.

It can be comforting, reassuring, and intimate but leaves room for independence.

Place Head on the Chest.

Lay down together with one side resting on the chest of the other.

This position can grow the connection and build trust with their partner. She says, “As we rest on our partner’s shoulders, listening to their breaths and feeling their heartbeats,” we might remind of the sacredness in our humanity.”

The “Spoon” Cuddle

Spooning is the best cuddling position. But, this position can also be sexual. While anyone can cuddle, it is not necessary to be the “big spoon.” Still, it is often the dominant or more significant partner. If you are the “big spoon,” you will try to wrap your arms around your partner and place your stomach against their back. Your partner will wrap their arms around your stomach when you’re the “little teaspoon.”

The “Half-spooning.” Cuddle

The partner on one side lies on his back, and the partner on the other side lies on their side. The partner to their proper places their head in the crook of the other’s arm, and the partner rest their arm on the partner’s chest.

“Living in the crooks of your partner’s arms with your arm across their chest is very intimate,” Engle said. In addition, Engle says, “You are being held and cradled by someone.

Lounge Chair Position

Place your back against a wall or headboard on a bed. Your legs should form a slight V shape.

Tumbling states that this position can help the receiver partner (the one leaning back) feel loved, supported, and cared for. In addition, this may give the partner more confidence in their ability and willingness to invest. But, she says, “This is another situation that can increase feelings of vulnerability and connection–and on multiple levels.”

Why you should snuggle more

Cuddling is good for your body in the apparent sense. But it can also be good for your health. Here’s how:

It Helps to Relieve Pain.

After an injury, a good cuddle can provide more than moral support. It can block pain signals by blocking oxytocin. Doctors are working to develop a lab-made version of it to help patients.

Connect You to Your Partner

Oxytocin is also known as the “love hormone” and can find in high amounts in people who hug their partners. Couples who kiss and cuddle together are happier, healthier, and less stressed.

It Helps to Lower Blood Pressure.

Touch may reduce tension and relieve blood pressure. Research shows that hugging and hand holding can lower blood pressure for short periods. Strokes and heart disease can be the reason for high blood pressure. Therefore, regular cuddling should be a part of any treatment plan for high blood pressure.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

One 2004 study found that massage, in the form of stroking and squeezing, can be used to relieve anxiety and stress by increasing serotonin levels in the body. These neurotransmitters regulate your mood. Dopamine regulates your brain’s pleasure center.

May Help Your Heart

If your blood pressure and stress levels are lower, it will keep your heart healthy. Although scientists believe cuddling is more beneficial for women, it appears to be the same for both sexes.

It Helps You Sleep

Oxytocin, known for its calming properties, is again the magic ingredient. Some people are more likely to wake up if they sleep in a cuddling or “spooning” position. It’s okay. It is possible to get a lot out of it in the 10 minutes before going to bed at night.


In today’s busy world, it’s easy for intimacy to slip away and hard to find time to relax and recharge. Cuddling lets you do both and keeps your connection with those you love. So what are you waiting for? You can hug, cuddle, kiss, and stroke your pet every chance. Find the proper cuddling position, and snuggle up to your partner, friends, or pets. It’s good for your body and soul.


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