Caffeine, including coffee and workout supplements, can be found in almost any beverage. Caffeine is a popular stimulant, helping people get through the day, especially in the early morning. More than 75% of Americans have some caffeine. This shows how vital caffeine is for many. Even though soft drinks contain caffeine, not all of them have soda.

While Pepsi and Coca-Cola contain caffeine, popular sodas such as Sprite and Sprite do not. Sprite is a favorite of many, but, surprisingly, it doesn’t contain any caffeine. Sprite, a crisp, lemon-lime soda, has no caffeine, and there is no plan to change this.

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Sprite, like other non-cola sodas, is caffeine-free.

Sprite is a mix of water, high fructose corn syrup, and natural lemon and lime flavors. It also contains sodium benzoate ( 1), sodium citrate ( ), and citric acid ( 1).

Sprite doesn’t contain caffeine, but it is loaded with sugar so that it may boost your energy levels like caffeine.

Sprite is a 12-ounce, 375-ml can that contains 140 calories and 38g of carbs ( 1).

Most people feel a sudden rise in blood sugar after drinking it. People may experience a sudden increase in blood sugar. This can lead to a sudden surge of energy that then causes a crash.

Too much caffeine can cause anxiety, nervousness, and jittery (3Trusted source).

Sprite does not contain caffeine. However, Sprite may give you an extra energy boost and similar effects to caffeine if taken in excess.

The majority of people should limit Sprite or other sodas.

An increased risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions is associated with excessive added sugar consumption ( 4Trusted source).

The American Heart Association recommends a daily limit of 36g (9 teaspoons) of sugar for adult men and 25g (6 teaspoons for adult women) for added sugar in adult men ( 5Trusted source).

These recommendations would be exceeded by just 12 ounces (375ml) of Sprite, which contains 38 grams of added sugar.

It would help to restrict Sprite and other sugar-sweetened drinks in healthy eating habits.

Sprite should not be consumed by people with diabetes or any other problems with their blood sugar regulation, mainly if they eat a lot of added sugary foods.

What’s the deal with Sprite Zero Sugar?

Sprite Zero Sugar is also free of caffeine but contains the artificial sweetness aspartame ( 6).

It’s free from added sugar, so people trying to reduce their sugar intake might find it healthier.

However, there is still little research into the safety of artificial sweeteners over long periods. The effects of artificial sweeteners on appetite, body weight, cancer risk, and diabetes have been mostly unconfirmed ( 7Trusted source).

Sprite Zero Sugar is a healthier option than regular Sprite. Therefore, we recommend more research.

Glass of sprite with lemons

Healthier Substitutions for Sprite

There are healthier alternatives to Sprite if you love Sprite but want to reduce your consumption.

Mix club soda with fresh lime juice to make your lemon-lime beverage.

Naturally flavored carbonated drinks such as La Croix that don’t have added sugars may be a good choice.

You don’t have to avoid caffeine or drink Sprite for the energy boost from sugar. Instead, try tea or espresso. These drinks contain caffeine, and they are naturally sugar-free.

The bottom line

Sprite is a lemon-lime soda that’s caffeine-free.

However, the high sugar content of Sprite can give you a quick boost in energy. Therefore, you should not consume Sprite and sugary sodas if you are trying to maintain a healthy diet.

Sprite Zero Sugar may be sugar-free, but the health effects of artificial sweeteners it contains are not fully understood. There are healthier alternatives.


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