First, let’s be clear: A ‘loose” vagina is not a sign of cheating.

Since the 16th century, “loose” has been used for women with loose morals who cheat on their husbands.

Although we don’t know for sure, it seems that the term cheating was taken somewhere along the line, creating the myth that cheating is somehow equivalent to a loss.

This harmful, inaccurate theory has been kept alive by a lack of sex ed and jealousy.

It is right up there with the belief in virgins being “tight,” and it’s false.

If she’s feeling more awake than usual, her vagina will feel looser. This is especially true if you have been fingering or licking her. White milky discharge is familiar with sexual stimulation.

It can look even more cum than a condom, and you might wonder if it leaked if you didn’t notice it until after sex.

There’s no such thing that’s too loose.

It’s okay if the vagina can do its job without causing discomfort or pain to its owner; who decides what is “too”?

It’s possible for your partner’s vagina to feel looser than you think. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s smaller or looser than other vaginas.

The vagina is a muscle. It can change over time. When a muscle relaxes or tenses, it can cause the muscle to feel tighter. This is because sex with someone wearing a V can make you feel tighter or looser. Pelvic floor muscles Relax with arousal to make the vagina more comfortable.

There is no such thing as a “loose vagina.”

Let’s begin with Vagina 101. The vagina is a muscular canal. Its tissue is elastic. It is elastic and can accommodate anything coming in, such as a penis, a monster dildo, or out, just like a baby.

The vagina is elastic like any other tissue in your body. It can stretch when needed, then bounces back.

For example, take your mouth. Your lips will return to their original shape and size if you yawn, wrap them around a triple-decker hamburger, or do you? The same goes for your vagina.

The #1 way to strengthen your Pelvic Floor muscles is Kegel Exercise. Kegel exercises are recommended for pregnant women to give the vagina additional control before giving birth. Kegel Exercise balls are great for keeping your partner fit. The pelvic floor of your partner’s movements cause the muscles to shrink. As a result, the vagina gets tighter and more potent as the muscles contract. Start with lighter weights and more petite balls, and increase her strength over time.

The vagina, which is a muscle that changes with time,

It can cause a muscle to feel tighter or looser when it relaxes and stretches, as muscles do.

This is because the pelvic muscles relax when there’s arousal. As a result, the vagina becomes more accommodating.

The vagina returns to its original condition once the person is no longer stimulated. So it doesn’t matter how hard or often it’s pierced or how giant the penis/ /fist takes in; that relaxation isn’t permanent.

Only aging and birth can alter the vagina’s elasticity. However, the changes in tightness don’t seem to be too drastic.

When estrogen levels start to fall in pre menopause is when vaginal elasticity starts to change. Lower estrogen levels cause the vaginal tissue in women to become thinner, dryer, and eventually less stretchy.

The vagina will change after vaginal birth, so that is what we can expect for childbirth. It was just a baby passing through the birth canal and out of the vagina.

It will appear most apparent in the first few days following birth. After that, however, it will gradually return to its original state. Although it may not return to its original shape, multiple births can cause a slight loss of elasticity.

Hormonal changes during a woman’s pregnancy Menstrual cycle Vaginal secretions can be affected, which could affect vaginal elasticity. On certain days, she may feel looser than others.

The vagina can change, especially during menopause or pregnancy. Giving birth Unsurprisingly, the vagina of your girlfriend will feel a bit looser after childbirth. However, it is possible to repair these muscles. You’re too aroused – If your partner is very aroused, it might result in more lubrication and looser muscles.

Why Does my Girlfriend Feel Loose Sometimes

If it feels right, that’s not necessarily a good thing.

You might be surprised at how much you think tightening your vagina is good.

When there isn’t enough arousal or lubrication, a V may feel “tight.”

This could mean that your partner:

  • is uncomfortable
  • You aren’t as plugged in as you think.
  • is distracted
  • you are dealing with anxiety, stress, or other mental health conditions
  • is experiencing hormonal changes

These things, along with aging, certain medications, and medical conditions, can all affect the vaginal production oil so that they don’t get wet enough.

However, the result is not a smaller or tighter vagina.

Because there isn’t enough muscle relaxation and lube, you feel more friction during the penetration. You might not like the feeling, but it could harm your partner.

This may turn you off. It’s time to examine why.

You might feel too attached to your partner’s vagina, which is affecting your relationship. It is time to do some soul-searching.

You could blame your partner for something you are struggling with, even if you haven’t yet recognized it.

Here are some options to consider:

  • Your sexual performance is a concern.
  • You are insecure about the size of your penis.
  • You are unhappy with your sex life and are afraid to share it with your partner.
  • You may be experiencing jealousy, resentment, or other negative emotions.

If you feel that any of these resonate with you and need to work through them, you might consider speaking with a healthcare professional. You can also find a sex therapist through the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists directory.

why does my partner vagina feel loose sometimes

Feel more sensation in sex with this

If you and your partner are willing to try, there are some things you can do that will increase the sensation of sex.

You’ll both love the added sensation, so say things like:

  • This position is meant to increase sensations and make you feel good. Would you be willing to try it?
  • This toy is supposed to be fantastic for couples. Do we need it?
  • I love when we [insert actions] do it, and I think it would be even more enjoyable if we.

Let’s now get to how we can increase our feelings.

You can try sex positions that make you feel tighter.

It will create a cozier place if the partner who is vaginal-having can keep their legs together.

FYI: These are also great for those with a thin, smaller-than-average penis.

For P-in-V, straps-on sex, or fisting sex, you can change any sex position, including standing or lying face-down or backward.

Spooning and modified doggy style with legs together are also great.

If you think your partner is ‘too loose,’

A partner telling you that you are too loose can cause you to be very hurtful and affect your self-confidence. However, you don’t have to be wrong, there is nothing wrong with you, and the problem is not yours.

It’s normal for your vagina to become less elastic due to childbirth, aging, or other reasons.

Do not feel pressured to change your body or use any vaginal tightening products that could cause more harm than good.

Your partner may have misunderstood your comment. This could be due to their subpar sex or even their culture.

It could be helpful to educate them by giving medically correct information about the vagina and how it works. Your partner could accompany you to an appointment to explain the procedure to them.

Myths tell us that women are responsible for this problem, and many women won’t discuss it. Let’s look at some examples. Common myths So that you can put your partner at ease. Multiple Partners and Sex. Many people believe that sexing with multiple partners can lead to vaginal looseness. Some guys believe their girlfriend is cheating because they have sex with multiple partners. This is false.

If they don’t succeed or try to force you to change your body for their advantage, it might be time to reassess the relationship.

why does my girlfriend feel loose sometimes

Healthy Foods

Healthy food is excellent for maintaining good health and tightness of the vagina. All types of nutrition foods are recommended. Wheat berries Avocado, carrots, and soybeans are all excellent options. There are options for certain types of surgery if your girlfriend is concerned about her tightness, especially after giving birth.

Vaginoplasty or Labiaplasty 

Vaginoplasty can be used to tighten the loose or slack areas of the vagina. This is usually due to pregnancy, aging, and childbirth. Although some surgeons believe it improves your sensitivity, it isn’t yet proven. Labiaplasty can be described as regular plastic surgery. The lips around the vagina (the labia) You can have it done with vaginoplasty, or you can do it alone. This surgery changes the size of the labia to make it tighter.

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