When it comes to your smile, are you taking good care of it? There are always ways to take care of our smile. Make sure that your kids maintain their smiles, as well, by taking them to a kids dentist. From eating healthy snacks to making an appointment with your local dentist or Calgary orthodontist, there are plenty of things that you can do to help your smile look its best. Read on to find out about seven ways you can help your smile.

7 Great Things to Do for Your Smile

1. Visit the dentist.

Going to the dentist at least once a year is a good idea. Bring the kids (if you have them) to your dentist or see a specialized kids dentist that focuses on that area. They’ll be able to give routine cleanings and you may even receive a toothbrush in the end, which kids really love. A kids dentist will also be a more kid-friendly atmosphere than a regular dental office would be, with more toys and the like for children, so you really can’t beat it. Of course, if you want to go to an adult dentist for your own appointment, that is understandable. You’ll probably get a toothbrush, too!

2. Get more smile-friendly snacks.

Getting snacks that are good for your teeth is important! It prevents cavities and helps you stay healthy. Avoid sugary snacks at all costs! Sugar encourages the growth of bacteria, which leads to plaque, inflammation, and possibly even cavities. Some snacks you can have that are healthy for you include apples, popcorn, celery sticks, pomegranate, and milk. Basically, anything without excessive sugar or additives is a safe bet for your smile.

3. Brush and floss.

Make an effort to brush and floss your teeth and you too can keep your smile in mint condition. Whether you’re using hard or soft bristle brushes, brushing and flossing is a surefire way to make sure that your teeth and gums stay healthy and look great. Use wax-coated floss to make flossing easier, and don’t forget the mouthwash.

4. Make an appointment with an orthodontist.
An orthodontist can help you straighten out your smile and finally look the way you want! Even if you never got them as a teenager, braces or other techniques can help you get the smile you always wanted.

5. Get teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening is a great way to make your smile look incredible. Light up a room with your pearly whites. You can get your teeth professionally whitened or just go to the store and get white strips to try out at home. Either way you’ll be making your teeth look whiter and brighter than ever.

6. Find a mouthwash that you like.

A decent mouthwash that you really like will help you want to use it more, which means

less bacteria on your gums and in your mouth and more minty fresh breath.

7. Avoid brushing 30 minutes after eating.

Brushing your teeth when you’ve just eaten means your teeth are soft and vulnerable. The enamel breaks down more easily when brushed after eating, so wait half an hour and you should be fine.

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